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Antecedents & Allies
MagLev2000 (Danby-Powell)
Legacy Link
Gordon T. Danby, Ph.D.
James R. Powell, Ph.D.
Fight for Maglev (book)  
Fight for Maglev (2012)
Maglev America (book)  
Maglev America (2013)
Silent Earth (book)  
Silent Earth (2016)
InfoGraphic Poster:
Logo of the Advanced Energy Research & Technology Center
Conference Paper:  Energy Efficiency and Economics of Maglev Transport (pdf 22pp 1½MB), Stony Brook, NY  2008
Slides (pdf 18pp 3½MB)
  Diagram from the Talk
Jesse Powell talks history of MagLev,  2016 March 16 (49:21)
  Diagram Showing Problems with Hyperloop
… and how this impacts Hyperloop,  2018 July 24 (33:59)
DoE document: How Maglev Works,  2016 June 14
(Based on a version of Danby & Powell First‑Generation MagLev)
Maglev Trains with Ernest Fazio – Enviro Close‑Up with Karl Grossman (28:00)
broadcast 2019 February 23; 4:00 pm EST
MagneticGlide – Interstate MagLev Project

Welcome Page

Video (5:40)

Older Videos: (7:51); (1:54)
MagneticGlide – Interstate MagLev Project
Recap of Jim Jordan’s presentation:  The Power of Maglev
Readiness Resource Group
Readiness Resource Group
Energy and Transport Solutions
Proposed Nevada Test Facility
Superconducting Maglev Multi Integrated Testing Facility
(proposed for construction in Nevada)
for building and testing MagLev systems for passenger and freight transportation, energy storage, and water transport.
Maglev Strategies
“…premium maglev consulting…”
Maglev Strategies
Jim Powell’s Space-MagLev Launcher
StarTram illustration
Wikipedia Article

Ecomodernist: Space – Audio Podcast with Dr. Powell; plus futurist Isaac Arthur; and former astronaut Dr. Franklin Chang Diaz, now CEO of a rocket company
Ecomodernist Space
More books by James R. Powell
7 Big Projects for a Better World (book)
7 Big Projects for a Better World: Can We Avoid Extinction?
Spaceship Earth: How Long Before We Crash? (book)
Spaceship Earth: How Long Before We Crash?
THE Revolutionary Dualmode Transportation System by Francis D. Reynolds, PE
Magic Highway (partial)
Magic Highway USA, Disney, 1958  (Animated, with intro. by Walt Disney himself  9:03)
Pioneering In‑Wheel Motors

Technical Overview

Latest Thinking

Protean In-Wheel Motor
First-ever Modular Electric Car
by Ferdinand Porsche (1898)

A More Complete List is available at

Associations   PROACCTIVE
“Battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles for the public to drive today.”
Plug In America
Consumer Services from Plug In America
Electric Drive Transportation Association
“Promoting electric drive technologies and infrastructure”
Consumer Services from EDTA
Electric Auto Association
“Promoting Electric Vehicles Since 1967”
Electric Auto Association
International Energy Agency
Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technology Collaboration Programme
Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technology Collaboration Programme
Electric Mobility Canada
Accelerating Electric Transportation
Electric Mobility Canada
Electric Mobility Canada
Electrification Coalition
Accelerate the Adoption of Plugin Electric Vehicles to improve our National and Economic Security.
Transportation Research Board
Transp. Research Board
Video: Your Future in Transportation (YouTube 5:39)
International Maglev Board
International Maglev Board

Energy and Environment
Reinventing Fire
“… to create a clean, prosperous, and secure … future.”
Rocky Mountain Institute
Center for Sustainable Energy
Center for Sustainable Energy
“Accelerting the Transition to a Sustainable World Powered by Clean Energy”
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Caret – platform for designing and optimizing EV incentive programs
“Good Jobs, Clean Environment, Green Economy”
Blue-Green alliance

PRT / Pods Associations
Advance Transit Association
Advance Transit Association

“Leveraging advanced transit to improve mobility”

“New frontiers of mobility in the digital age.”
PodCar.org / Harris Blvd.
“Innovative Mobility in the Era of Automation.”

The Monorail Society

“This unique method of transportation is NOT just for theme parks and zoos!”
Monorail Society
International Monorail Association
International Monorail Association

“The interest in monorails continues at an all time high”

Conventional High-Speed Rail
US High-Speed-Rail Association
“21st Century Transportation for America”
BiModal Glideway (detail)
High Speed Rail Alliance
“Fast, Frequent, and Affordable”
What is High-Speed Rail?
What We Do
Get Involved

List of Educational and Research Institutions is at

Educational & Research Institutions   PROACCTIVE

Blogs & Bulletins
@EVisioneer – Bill Moore’s Twitter Feed
EVisioneer Cap
EV-World (Podcasts)
Clean-Energy Investment Opportunities
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“Extraordinary ideas moving the world forward.”
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Green Car Reports
“Cleaner Greener Driving”

Newsletter-subscription link at upper-right corner of main page
Green Car Reports
Electric Cars UK
Electric Cars UK
“… the definitive electric car website.”
Electric Cars Report
“Charge the Future”
Electric Cars Report
CHARGED Electric Vehicles Magazine
Apply for a Free Subscription
Transport Evolved
Informational website from the UK
Intelligent Transportation Systems Society of America
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Hybrid Cars
Buying guide for Hybrid & Electric Cars
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Important Media
“You, your health, and the health of our world”
Important Media
EV Obsession
“… a future that’s combustion‑free.”
“Bridging the gap between gear heads and green heads.”
Gas2 Blog
Cleantech News
Cleantech News
Solar – Wind – EV
EcoModernist Podcasts
“nursing Earth back to health”
Ecomodernist Podcast
Green living expert, living green magazine, tips
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Writings of Alan Ohnsman

“I track technology-driven changes that reshape how we get around …”
All articles by Matthew Beedham

“Matthew is the editor of SHIFT.  He likes electric cars, and other things with wheels, wings, or hulls.”
Writings of Edson Farnell

Everything Drivers Need to Know About Hybrid Vehicles
Driven To Write
“Still The World’s Least-Influential Motoring Site”
      Driven to Explain
Site Guidelines
How To Post Articles
The Engineer
Battery Technology
“Leading the Charge in Energy Storage News and Insights”
“Engineering Solutions for Design & Manufacturing”
Military + Aerospace Electronics
Eno Transportation Weekly
Mass Transit Magazine
Mass Transit Magazine
Manufacturing Net
Main Page
Automotive Engineering
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Main Page
Tech Insider
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Seeking Alpha
Set up your Portfolio

Competition & Critiques
Transparent view of Hyperloop – Thanks to NBC News
LeviCar’s Critique of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop
Open Letter to Elon Musk — 2013 Sept. 30
Original Concept — Hyperloop Alpha (pdf 58pp)
Current Hyperloop Pod-Contest Page
DoT News Report: Exploring the Landscape for Hyperloop Travel
Full Report: Hyperloop Commercial Feasibility Analysis
High Level Overview
Prepared by NASA for Volpe Center (DoT)    (pdf 47pp)
Reports from 2017
“Is Hyperloop more than just loopy hype?”
“Hyperloop, or Hyper Hype?”
“The Biggest Challenges That Stand in the Way of Hyperloop”
Videos with Background Info. on Hyperloop
Pneumatic and other Fast Trains,  2018 April 8 (10:49)
Hyperloop Explained,  2018 July 11 (11:54)
The Biggest Problem With Hyperloop – Why It Will Fail Hard,  2019 January 12 (16:22)
The grandaddies of the Hyperloop‑Alpha Vehicle, from the 1960s
The Rhoades Hover Scooter
(Detailed article)
Rhoades Hover Scooter
Dobson Air-Dart
The Dobson Air Dart
ET3Evacuated Tube Transportation Technologies
“Space Travel on Earth”
ET3 vs. Hyperloop
➀ Who Needs Hyperloop?
This Guy Is Building Something Bigger
➁ Vacuum trains: a high-speed pipe dream?
➂ Vactrain (Wikipedia Article)

PRT (Personal Rapid Transit)
aka ATN (Automatic Transportation Networks)
High-Speed, Low-Cost, Green, Elevated, Personal Rapid Transit
News from Israel
News from Arabia
… & Tampa Bay, USA
Additional videos
Urban Maglev by General Atomics
… faster, cleaner means of passenger transport in local communities and urban areas.
GA Urban MagLev
Technical Report from 2003
Mass Tram illustration
MonoCab VRT Rapid Transit System (Australia)
“The FUTURE of Public Transport”
“Sustainable Infrastructure”
“Realizing Sustainable Mobility”
“PRT combines the advantages of the car with those of transit”
Flyer (.pdf)
LevPods Individual Transit System (LITS)
…helping lead the next generation of changes in transportation.

Tracked Personal Vehicles
TEV project
TEV project logo
The transportation model for the 21st century
BiModal Glideway
Solves Traffic Jams, Pollution, and Minimizes Oil Dependency.
BiModal Glideway (detail)

… other Long-Distance Systems
Mass Tram illustration
Mass Tram America
(Inhabitat Magazine article)
Interstate Traveler
Building the World Wide Hydrogen Super Highway…
Interstate Traveler

Government Projects
Federal High Speed Intercity Passenger Rail (HSIPR) Program
California High-Speed Rail Authority

Established Foreign Systems
Central Japan Railway Company
Bullet Trains and Magnetic Levitation
JR-Central Logo
The NorthEast Maglev (TNEM)
The NorthEast Maglev (TNEM)
Advocates for Japanese System in the North-East Corridor
Fixed-Electromagnet Magnetic Levitation
Transrapid Logo

Oliver Cromwell What others are saying about LeviCar
Warts and all
Comments on the LeviCar Proposal and Related Issues by Francis D. Reynolds, PE
The International Maglevboard e.V.
(This webpage also has discussions on Hyperloop, Danby-Powell MagLev, and other advanced transportation proposals)

Other Lists of Advanced-Transportation Systems
Other Cool Ideas (by the TEV Project)
Wikigrain — Bouchard Transportation

Josh Levin’s Blogs on EV World:

MagLev Vs Hyperloop

MagLev vs. Hyperloop — Technical Discussion

hexOgrid Transportation Network

How the Tragedy in the Bronx Would Not Have Happened with MagLev

Photo-Blog: New York Auto Show 2014

List of all Dr. Levin’s EVWorld blogs.

Sample hexOgrid map of NJ
MagLev SuperTurnpike

Explanation of LeviCar’s Hexagrammoid Grid
LeviCar’s entry into Scientific American’s World-Changing Ideas (WCI) contest (Video 4:59)

Original Scientific American article that inspired LeviCar (pdf 10pp)
Sci-Am 20 World-Changing Ideas
Related article by one of the Sci-Am authors
LeviCar’s Poster Presentation at WEEC, the World Energy Engineering Congress, 2009 Nov. 5
The first published article about LeviCar:  “The Perfect Synthesis”  EV World, 2004 September 13.
The MagLev Vacation — Read the engaging story of one of the first families to use LeviCar to go on a Florida vacation in the year 2017.
“Press Releases” based on the “Four Planets”
Four Planets

Photo Montage of Some People who are Quoted
Motivational-Quotes Page

Today's Quote: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world.  The unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.  Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
    — George Bernard Shaw, Irish dramatist (1856–1950)
The 2021 Create-the-Future Contest is now closed to new entries.  LeviCar did not enter the contest this year.
Create the Future Contest
The 2021 Contest is open for voting only.
For 2019-20, LeviCar had three entries in TechBrief’s Create the Future contest, but did not win.
➀ High-Throughput End-Loaded MagLev Passenger Vehicles (2020)
➁ Soft-Sided Transportation Tubes (SSTTs) — an Alternative to Hyperloop (2020)
➂ The Future of MagLev: How the Magnetic-Levitation Turnpike will Revolutionize Ground Transportation (2019)
2020’s Winners
Old Car
“Original” LeviCar Web Page

Older DoT reports on the Future of Transportation
Obama-era reports that had been subject to public comment
Beyond Traffic 2045
Beyond Traffic 2045
Five-year Transit Research Plan

Events & Expositions  (North America only)
A More Complete List is available at

PROACCTIVE   Upcoming Events
Click here for a more-comprehensive list.

			<div align=left>IEEE TEC Prize Ph.D. Thesis Talk – 3-Min. Ph.D. Challenge</div>
“… an international platform for all Ph.D. researchers in the field of Transportation Electrification to present their project[s].”
(CIVS) Cooperative Interactive Vehicles Summer School 2021
(CIVS) Cooperative Interactive Vehicles Summer School 2021
For reference, 2018 version
“The Summer School on ‘Cooperative Interacting Vehicles’ aims at gathering Ph.D. students and Young Professionals from Universities and Research Institutions….”
Volpe Speaker Series (free webinars)
2021: “Innovation for a Sustainable, Equitable Transportation System” Thought Leadership Series
Free Volpe Webinar:  The Transportation and Climate Initiative: Multi-State Collaboration to Advance Equitable Low‑Carbon Transportation

			<div align=right>Free Volpe Webinar:  The Transportation and Climate Initiative: Multi-State Collaboration to Advance Equitable Low‑Carbon Transportation</div>
“… support of state efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through facilitation, convening, and analysis.”
Mandatory Free Registration [click at (Register)]
When you Register, there are some Links to Click to prepare your Computer for the Virtual‑Meeting Software
AIAA/IEEE Electric Aircraft Technologies Symposium (EATS)
“… nontraditional aircraft propulsion: electric, turboelectric, or hybrid/electric powertrains.”
E‑mail alerts
Interesting NASA Video on Electric Planes (YouTube 4:10)
Video:  Explanation of smaller wings and multiple engines (YouTube 0:59)
AIAA/IEEE EATS Students Design Competition/Challenge 2021
“The “dream” of a electrically propelled flying car is now starting to become reality …”
Green Transportation Summit and Expo
“2021 Reflecting + Refocusing on a Resilient Future Application”
Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo
“… including battery electric, hydrogen, natural gas, propane autogas, trucking efficiency, automated and connected tech, and so much more!”
Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo
Colocated with next event
Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo<br/></b><font size=2><i>Colocated with next event</i></font>
“… offers expert-led educational sessions and a showcase of materials, components, and systems …”
The Battery Show<br/></b><font size=2><i>Colocated with previous event</i></font>
The Battery Show
Colocated with previous event
“… today’s battery applications … don’t just power our daily lives — they transform how we travel, interact, and manufacture.”
Volpe Speaker Series (free webinars)
2021: “Innovation for a Sustainable, Equitable Transportation System” Thought Leadership Series
Free Volpe Webinar:  EVNoire’s Dr. Shelley Francis

			<div align=right>Free Volpe Webinar:  EVNoire’s Dr. Shelley Francis</div>
“… provides opportunities to engage with multi-modal, clean transportation through education and outreach, expanding charging infrastructure, marketing/launches, workplace charging, …”
Mandatory Free Registration [click at (Register)]
When you Register, there are some Links to Click to prepare your Computer for the Virtual‑Meeting Software
Volpe Speaker Series (free webinars)
2021: “Innovation for a Sustainable, Equitable Transportation System” Thought Leadership Series

			<div align=left>Free Volpe Webinar:  Strategies to Overcome Transportation Barriers for Rent Burdened Residents</div>
Free Volpe Webinar:  Strategies to Overcome Transportation Barriers for Rent Burdened Residents
“… changing dynamics in shared mobility and likely scenarios automated vehicles might gain prominence.”
Mandatory Free Registration [click at (Register)]
When you Register, there are some Links to Click to prepare your Computer for the Virtual‑Meeting Software
National Drive Electric Week
“… a nationwide celebration to raise awareness of the many benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more.”
Volunteer to Organize an Event
Learn about Hosting an Event
Find a local chapter
Quebec Electric Vehicle Show
“Three days opportunity to see, test, analyze and compare”

Paean to Nikola Tesla
Young Tesla in Wikipedia
Nikola Tesla (1856–1943)
The Movie
 Vimeo 4:35;
 Vimeo 1:49)
Tesla’s Tower
Oatmeal Portrait of Tesla
The Man
The Motorcar
Oatmeal picture of Tesla Sedan
The Manifesto
The Wonder World to be Created by Electricity (1915)
 . . . and Musk
Musk Cartoon
TSC Logo
The Museum
(List of older newsletters)
Upcoming Events
plus Mark Twain
Twain at Tesla's Lab
Oatmeal Logo for Tesla Museum Many thanks to Matthew Inman and The Oatmeal, for publicizing Nikola Tesla, initiating the effort to save his laboratory as a museum, and for getting Elon Musk to donate One Million Dollars.  (You can help, too!)
Tesla Virtual Science Center
Online Activities to keep Anyone Busy at Home
Tesla Podcast Symbol
Membership Levels:  Family $35   Individual $25   Senior/Student $15   Corporate $300 
Tesla Science Foundation
Tesla Science Foundation
Tesla Talk
Starting a Tesla Club at Your School

15-Second Micro Book Review
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
I read it cover-to-cover, over a thousand pages, and found it hopelessly out-of-date, elitist, and immoral, and some of the dialogue was hard to understand. To me, it shows the dangers of Libertarianism.  Some of Ms. Rand’s basic tenets have since been contradicted by scientific research.  —  Joshua Zev Levin, Ph.D.
Atlas Shrugged
Article about Libertarianism

EV Services
EV World / S-Electric
S☆Electric / EV World
Subscription Electric Cars
Try before you Buy
Consumer Services from Plug In America
EV Support Program
SMUD Special Deal
“Everything you need to know to drive electric.”
Shopping Assistant
Consumer Services from EDTA
Electric Drive’s Consumer Website
Go Electric Drive
Electric Drive’s Consumer Website
Home Charging
Contact Page
Interactive Guide to EV Charging Stations
Automobile energy costs for each state
Choose Energy Road Trip
Choose Energy Main Page
Electrify America
Electrify America
We’re Leading the Charge of Fast Charging
Membership and Pricing
Charge Point
The Electric Revolution Is Here.
Find Stations
… the Airbnb or Uber of Electric Vehicle Charging
Contact Page   E-Mail   Phone: 888‑273‑2440   International: +1 970‑631-4474
EV Home Charger Experts
Product Reviews
Our Guides
About Us
A Complete Guide to Electric Cars
Envision Solar
Sustainable Technology Innovations for EV Charging
Bankrate’s guide to Electric‑Car Insurance
Contact Form
Pricing of Electricity by Country
Compare Electric Companies and Rates with Ease

Fun Stuff
Amazing Soviet Visions for the Future of Transportation
Alate MagLev Train
Strange Air Ferry
A ducted-fan airship with a guide rail.  Too slow, too cumbersome, and too wasteful of energy.
(Youtube video 1:57)
Self-Driving-Car Milestones
Howdy Doody's Air-O-Doodle
Multi-Mode Vehicle from the ’50s
Exploded view of ICE
Test drive of a petrol car
LeviCar Song
(Lyrics only)  
A Whole New Ride
There’s a new kind of car,
Green and clean and efficient.
When’s the last time that you went
Door-to-door, so speedily?

LeviCar is … A system for personal transportation, using modular automobiles that are driven locally on regular roads, and …
that also can travel at 300 m.p.h. on a Magnetic-Levitation (MagLev) rail system for longer distances.
RoboTrail is … A similar system for freight transportation, using tractor-trailer rigs to transport cargo containers locally, and …
using that same MagLev network to transport those same containers for long distances.
Magnetic Levitation Rail is …
(MagLev Rail for short)      
A technology for using magnetism to raise (levitate) a vehicle above a rail to that there is no
mechanical friction (only air drag), and using electrical forces from the rail to propel the vehicle forward.
Superconducting MagLev is … A form of MagLev Rail, first developed in the 1960s by the late Drs. James R. Powell and Gordon T. Danby, using
superconducting magnets, and usually on elevated rails (300 m.p.h.), or over existing rail (150 m.p.h.).
LeviCar and RoboTrail can: make long-distance transport vastly more energy-efficient and safer;
and, unlike conventional railroads, travel non-stop, and also climb steep hills and mountains easily.
LeviCar can: make medium- and long- distance travel much easier;  increase the reliability of cars,
simplify their maintenence; and assist in the use of automated-highway systems.
LeviCar and RoboTrail cannot: generate clean energy by themselves (except for putting solar cells on the rails);  nor
can they easily cross oceans, except at certain "choke points", like the Bering Straits and at Gibraltar.
RoboTrail can: provide air-freight speed at lower cost than highway shipping.
LeviCar can: provide ordinary people with “private rail cars” that go at airplane speeds.
LeviCar and RoboTrail constitute:On-Demand High-Speed Rail (OD-HSR), with no schedules, minimal waiting, and no in-between stopping*
that can slow down conventional HSR.  (*except for rest stops)
hexOgrid is …An arrangement of MagLev rails in a pattern of overlapping six-pointed stars.  It allows for gentle 60° change-of-direction,
rather than the sharper 90°; and also allows for depots to be within 10 miles (16 km) of any point in built-up areas.
The MagLev SuperTurnpike combines … Traditional Powell-and-Danby MagLev with LeviCar, RoboTrail, and hexOgrid.
All these …bring the Third Industrial Revolution to the Transportation Sector.

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