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LeviCar (Pronounced: LEH' vih kar') is
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The Perfect Synthesis  EV World, Sept. 13, 2004
Original Article
with valuable comments
Comments by Francis Reynolds, PE
University of Washington
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The MagLev Vacation    Second published draft, April 16
Read the engaging story of one of the first families to use
LeviCar to go on a Florida vacation in the year 2017.
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The New Future of Transportation

Magnetic-Levitation (MagLev) trains are fast, but share the inflexibility of conventional rail.  Instead, individual vehicles could use computer-automated technology to go non-stop from the starting to destination MagLev stations, and travel on roads for the first and last few miles.  “LeviCar” will do this with a car body mounted a separable leased chassis.  Repair is as simple as exchanging the chassis with the leasing company for a newly-repaired one.

It will also vastly reduce pollutants and greenhouse gases, and alleviate our addiction to foreign oil from unstable regions.

All-Electric Transportation System

Current transportation systems are highly dependent on petroleum-derived liquid fuels.  Burning this fuel contributes to pollution and global warming.  We are addicted to oil – much of it from unstable foreign regions.

Magnetic-Levitation (MagLev) and provide fast transportation powered by electricity generated in clean, efficient, stationary power sources.  Elevated rails will minimize ground impact.

“RobotRail” will carry freight on MagLev rails, except for the first and last few miles.  Likewise, “LeviCar” will do this with a car body mounted a separable leased chassis, providing clean, safe, and convenient personalized transportation.

Convenient and Safe Transportation

“LeviCar” will provide almost maintenance-free modular automobiles that can also get you to many distant places, door-to-door faster than airplanes, via MagLev rails.  Most repairs can be done by exchanging the detachable leased chassis for a good one, while you keep your car body, with maintenance costs included in the lease price.  For long-distance travel, you pack your car, not your bags, because the car body will travel with you.

It will also vastly reduce pollutants and greenhouse gases, and alleviate our addiction to foreign oil from unstable regions.

The Promise of Energy Independence

Our transportation system is too dependent on foreign oil, affecting our foreign policy, making us a debtor nation, and causing pollution and global warming, with its future economic dislocations.

“LeviCar” will replace a large portion of our oil-guzzling transportation infrastructure with a unified network of virtually-frictionless electric-powered Magnetic-Levitation (MagLev) rails, providing efficient, customized transportation.  Its high speed will make it competitive with jets.

Existing automobile and airplane manufacturers would also make the components of LeviCar, and displaced workers will be retrained to work on constructing or operating them.

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