A Whole New Ride

♂ There’s a new kind of rail –
Spanning across the nation –
Magnetic Levitation –
With such great efficiency.

♂ There’s a new kind of car,
Green and clean and efficient.
When’s the last time that you went
Door-to-door, so speedily?

♂ A whole new ride.
A new fantastic way to go.
No crowded public place,
Just our own space,
That’s only for us alone.

♀ A whole new ride.
See all the places that we know.
Leave whenever we can.
Don’t need a plan,
’Cause we can travel when we want to go.
♂ We can travel when we want to go.

♀ Don’t have to catch a bus,
Or a train, or an airplane.
No long waits that are insane,
Just a smooth trip all the way.

♀ A whole new ride.
♂ You hardly have to drive (parlando)
♀ All those scenic sights that we’ll see.
♂ Rail network– does it for you (parlando)
♀ Riding a supercar,
So fast, so far.
I won’t travel the way it used to be!

♂ A whole new ride.
♀ Every trip will be nice.
♂ The far horizon quick to view.
♀ And they sure make it easy.

♂♀ I can go anywhere
With time to spare.
Let me share this whole new ride with you!

♂ A whole new ride.
♀ A whole new ride.
♂ That’s how we’ll go.
♀ That’s how we’ll go.
♂ A speedy pace …
♀ A comfy place …
♂♀ For you and me.

[ ♂ Male voice     ♀ Female voice     ♂♀ Duet
        (parlando) = “in spoken manner”]
Words only © 2011-2014 Joshua Zev Levin, Ph.D.